A Comprehensive Offering of Lines and Fittings Created Specifically for Fuel System Plumbing... Brought to You by the Leader in Performance Fuel Systems.


Everything You Need, Nothing You Don’t

Plumbing a fuel system has always been more difficult than it should be. Countless hours can be spent pouring through multiple vendor sites and hundreds of non-fuel-specific part numbers in search of that one specialty fitting you need. The DW plumbing line-up is designed to simplify this process by providing everything you need and nothing you don’t…

  • -6, -8, and -10 AN sizing covers all the feed and return options needed for 200hp to 2,000hp 


PTFE or CPE – the choice is yours Fuel Lines, CPE, PTFE, Lines and fittings

Today’s plumbing components and lines are challenged with an increasing list of available pump gases, race fuels, and ethanol blends. The DW plumbing line includes options for compatibility with all of these…

  • CPE rubber fuel lines are cord reinforced for high pressure and lined for compatibility with ethanol-based fuels up to e85.
  • PTFE fuel lines have increased fuel compatibility for methanol and e100.  In addition, this option allows tighter radius turns and zero fuel vapor permeability
  • Both hose options are available in stainless (silver) or nylon (black) braided coverings.
  • Swivel hose-end options for both rubber and PTFE in straight, 30, 45, 60, 90, 120, and 180 degrees.

Quality and Value to fit your needs Fuel Fittings, -an fittings, an fitting

Fuel system plumbing is not a place to cut corners on quality, but you should not have to pay a premium for that piece of mind. All DW plumbing components are manufactured to applicable JIC and SAE standards and are constructed of heat-treated 6061 aluminum that is anodized in a titanium finish. These high-grade materials and coatings offer the optimum combination of strong, light, and fuel compatible. All DW plumbing components are backed by a lifetime warranty.


       Lines & Fittings Quick Reference Guide                                   Lines Tech Sheet                                            Fittings Tech Sheet


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