DW Fuel Filters Combine Innovation and Quality to Deliver the Industry's Most Comprehensive Protection.

Today's ethanol-enriched fuels are more corrosive than the fuels of the past. High-octane premium grade pump gas can contain up to 15% ethanol and e85 is becoming increasingly popular as an inexpensive readily available race fuel. Regardless of what fuel you prefer, protecting your expensive fuel system components from the corrosive nature of ethanol is more important than ever. The DW dual-stage magneto-mechanical fuel filters were developed specifically to address the issues with modern day fuels. 


Dual Stage Offers Twice the Protection

      Stage One – Magnetic Filtration

Fuel system corrosion caused by ethanol-blended fuels can release ferrous contaminants that destroy expensive fuel injectors and pumps. Stage one filtration traps these contaminants with a 35mm neodymium magnet. The magnet is placed at the filter inlet, which maximizes contact with the incoming fuel and creates zero flow restriction.

      Stage Two – Mechanical Filtration

Non-ferrous material makes up the majority of fuel system contaminates and are trapped in stage two. This stage utilizes conventional and proven mechanical filtration methods. All DW filters feature serviceable pleated 304-series stainless steel elements, which provide a large surface area for maximum filtration capacity and minimum flow restriction. Stainless steel elements are the premium and simple choice due to their compatibility with all fuels including pump gas, race gas, MTBE, ethanol, methanol, and diesel. In addition, stainless steel elements provide higher temperature tolerances and longer life spans over competitors’ glass fiber and paper filter elements.

Comprehensive Options

      Universal In-Line Fuel Filters

DW in-line fuel filters are available in several formats to fit your filtration needs. Two EFI-specific pore sizes are available (10u and 100u) for pre-pump or post-pump fitment. Each pore size is available in three different housing sizes (70mm, 110mm, and 160mm) to accommodate your flow, service interval, and space requirements. All housings are anodized T6061 with -10An ORB inlets and outlets. DW also offers a unique surge tank fuel filter that threads directly onto the 250iL or 350iL in-line pump.

      Application Specific Module Fuel Filters

DW has taken the application specific approach which is popular with fuel injectors and fuel pumps and applied it to filtration. Many modern fuel pump modules contain cheap cardboard elements that degrade and clog when used with e85. DW module filters feature high-quality stainless steel elements that offer better filtration, serviceability, and compatibility with all fuels. In addition, the module filters fit in the tank which simplifies plumbing and puts the filter out sight for a more stealth appearance. 

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