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CPE and PTFE Hose End Assembly Guide

ProductPart NumberPDF
CPE Hose End Assembly Guide6-02-0812, 0813, 0814, 0815, 0816, 0817View
PTFE Hose End Assembly Guide6-02-0861, 0862, 0863, 0864, 0865, 0866View

2001-15 Honda Civic DW400 Pump Module Install

ProductPart NumberPDF
2001-15 Honda Civic DW400 Pump Module9-401-60x-7040, 7041, 7042View
2001-15 Honda Civic DW400 Pump Module Plumbing Diagram9-401-60x-7040, 7041, 7042View

X2-Series Dual Pump Mustang Module Install

ProductPart NumberPDF
X2-Series Dual Pump Mustang Module9-401-7030View
X2-Series Return Kit Plumbing Diagram6-603, 604, 605, 606View

Universal DW440 Brushless Fuel Pump Install

ProductPart NumberPDF
DW440 Brushless Pump and Controller9-441-C10x-0900View

Surge Tank Install Video Guide

ProductPart NumberVideo
DW2.5L & DW3.5L Modular Surge Tanks6-000-25ST, 6-000-35STView
DW5.5L Staged Surge Tank6-XXX-55STView

Surge Tank Install Guides

ProductPart NumberPDF
DW2.5L Modular Surge Tank6-000-25STView
DW3.5L Modular Surge Tank6-000-35STView
DW5.5 Liter Staged Surge Tank6-XXX-55STView

GM1500 Truck DW400 Fuel Pump Module 

ProductPart NumberPDF
1999-2004 GM 1500 DW400 Pump Module9-401-603-7010/7011View
2005-09 GM 1500 DW400 Pump Module9-401-603-7012/7013View
2014-18 GM 1500 DW400 Pump Module9-401-7014View

Fuel Rail Install Guides

EnginePart NumberPDF
Coyote 5.0 Returnless Fuel Rail Kit7-301-OE-XXXX   View
Coyote 5.0 Return Fuel Rail Kit7-301-RTN-XXXX   View
LS1/LS6 Returnless Fuel Rail Kit7-201-OE-XXXX   View
LS1/LS6 Return Fuel Rail Kit7-201-RTN-XXXX   View

Fuel Pump Install Guides

MakeModelYearPump SeriesPDFVideo
AcuraIntegra1994-2001DW100 / DW200 / DW300ViewView
 RSX2002-2006DW65c / DW300cView 
 RDX2007-2012DW65c / DW300cView 
AudiA4 1.8t FWD1996-2006DW65vView 
 A6 1.8t FWD2000-2004DW65vView 
BMW3-Series1987-1991DW65c / DW300cView 
 3-Series1992-2006DW200 / DW300View 
CadillacCTS-V2004-2007DW200 / DW300View 
ChevroletGM 1500 Truck1999-2004Return Fuel System Guide CPE/PTFEView 
 GM 1500 Truck2005-2009Return Fuel System Guide CPE/PTFEView 
 C6 Corvette2003-2013DW400View 
FordF-150 / F-250 (Gas Only)1997-2004DW100 / DW200 / DW300View 
 F-150 Harley Davidson Edition2002-2003DW65c / DW300cView 
 F-150 Harley Davidson Edition2002-2003DW400View 
 Focus RS2009-2011DW65c / DW300cView 
 Lightning1999-2004DW65c / DW300cView 
 Mustang1985-1997DW100 / DW200 / DW300View 
 Mustang SVT Cobra2003-2004DW65c / DW300cView 
 Mustang GT5002007-2012DW300mView 
 Commodore2006-2012DW65c / DW300cView 
HondaCivic1992-2000DW100 / DW200 / DW300ViewView
 Civic2001-2005DW65c / DW300cView 
 Civic2006-2011DW65c / DW300cView 
 Civic2012-2016DW65c/ DW300View 
InfinitiG352003-2008DW200/ DW300View 
MazdaMiata2006-2015DW65c / DW300cView 
MitsubishiEVO 8/92003-2006DW200 / DW300View 
 EVO X2008-2013DW65c / DW300cView 
Nissan350z2003-2008DW200 / DW300View 
 S14-S15 Silvia1994-2002DW100/DW200/DW300View 
 R33 Skyline1993-1998DW200/DW300View 
 R33 Skyline1993-1998DW400View 
 Z32 300zx Non-TT/ TT1990-1996DW200/DW300View 
 Z32 300zx Non-TT/ TT1990-1996DW400View 
PontiacGTO2004-2006DW65c / DW300cView 
ScionFR-S2012+DW65c / DW300cView 
SubaruBRZ2012+DW65c / DW300cView 
 WRX1993-2007DW200 / DW300View 
 WRX2008-2014DW65c / DW300cView 
 WRX2015+DW65c / DW300cView 
 STI2004-2006DW200 / DW300View 
 STI2008-2018DW65c / DW300cView 
 Forester2014+DW65c / DW300cView 
ToyotaGT-862012+DW65c / DW300cView 
VolkswagenBeetle 1.8t1998-2010DW65vView 
 Golf 1.8t1999-2006DW65vView 
 Jetta 1.8t1999-2005DW65vView 
 Passat 1.8t1998-2008DW65vView