DW Honda Injector Calibrations are available for popular K-Series injector part numbers and are formatted for cut-and-paste use in Hondata tuning systems.  The data is derived from a combination of our characterization summary data and in-car validation/optimization. 

Engine Injector Part Number Flow Rate
K-Series 17U-08-1000-4 1000cc/min
  21U-01-0450-4 450cc/min
  21U-01-0600-4 600cc/min
  21U-01-0800-4 800cc/min
  21U-01-1000-4 1000cc/min
  21U-01-1300-4 1300cc/min
  16MX-03-1200-4 1200cc/min
  16M-03-1500-4 1500cc/min