Frequently Asked Questions - Fuel Pressure Regulator FAQ's

 There are 3 main reasons to upgrade your OE pressure regulator:

  1. When the stock fuel pump is upgraded to higher flowing unit
  2. When the customer wants base pressure adjustability
  3. When aftermarket rails are installed and the OE regulator is eliminated

The DWR1000 has a multi-positional mounting bracket for easy installation. In a return-style fuel system, the regulator is mounted in the engine bay shortly after the fuel rail.  In a returnless-style fuel system, the regulator is remote mounted anywhere between the pump and the fuel rail.  Technical Support is available to help you determine the best placement for your set up.

Yes, the DW regulator can be mounted in any orientation with no effect on function.

The DW regulators can be used with or without manifold reference.  With manifold reference will yield a constant delta pressure.  Without manifold reference will yield a constant rail pressure.  Contact Technical Support for more information.

The DW fuel pressure gauge is a dry gauge.  Liquid filled gauges can give inaccurate readings with elevated under-hood temperatures.

To minimize cost and maximize flexibility, fittings are sold separately.

DW regulators are designed and tested for e85 compatibility.  All our regulators are constructed of anodized aluminum and stainless steel internals.

The DWR1000 is designed to support over 1,000hp

The DWR1000 has dual -6AN ORB inlets and a single -6AN ORB outlet.

The DWR1000 has dual inlets for maximum plumbing flexibility.  A plug is included if only one inlet is needed in your application.

No, it is only compatible with port manifold fuel injection.