Fuel Pump FAQ's

Can I use your pump with a Boost-A-Pump (BAP)?

Yes, our pumps can be used in conjunction with a BAP to increase voltage for brief periods of time to meet flow demand under full load conditions.  All of our pumps have been tested at voltages ranging from 12v to 20v.  Data of flow rates are not published, but are available upon request.  We do not recommend using voltages in excess of 20v.  We do not recommend running excess voltage for periods longer than 120 seconds.

Should I hardwire my DW pump?

Late model, high performance applications have larger diameter fuel pump wiring, so a hardwire kit may not be necessary.  On older applications, especially those that were not originally manufactured for high power, the fuel pump wiring is often insufficient to supply a high flow fuel pump.  In these cases, a hardwire kit is a good option to get the most flow out of your DW pump. Special considerations needed when using in conjuntion with a pulse-width modulated pump controller. Contact tech support for more information.

Can I install a DW pump in my car if an application-specific kit is not listed?

It is always recommended to use a DW application-specific kit when available.  The DW application specific kits will provide the best fitment, ease of installation, highest performance for your vehicle.  When an application specific kit is not available, our universal pump kits can usually provide the parts needed for an installation.