Fuel Injector FAQ's

Can I install your injectors and drive to the shop for tuning?

Injectors are controlled by the ECU.  Many times, the injectors being installed are at least double the size of the stock injector.  Without telling the ECU then injectors being controlled have a different flow rate, the ECU will not be able to properly control the pulsing of the injectors.  Many times, the engine will not be able to start with the stock tune driving higher flowing injectors.  Your tuner may be able to send a temporary base tune that will allow you to drive the car to them for a proper tune.

Does fuel pressure affect injector flow?

Yes, increasing fuel pressure will INCREASE the flow rate of the injector. DW injector flow rates are calculated at 3 bar (43.5 psi) of pressure. Although DW injectors are able to operate at pressures in excess of 100 psi, we suggest a system pressure of 40-80 psi for best performance (faster injector response times, optimized spray patterns, and increased reliability of your entire fuel system). There is a calculator on the resources section of our website that will calculate your injectors’ flow rate at different pressures.

What is injector latency?

Latency is a measure of the amount of time it takes for an injector to fully open once it receives its signal to fire. It is usually measured in milliseconds or microseconds and is an important parameter when tuning. Other terms synonymous with latency are dwell, offset, lag, etc. We generally use the term battery offset. Our General Characterization Summaries include battery offset at various pressures and voltages. These summaries can be found in the Resources section of our website.