Fuel Injector FAQ's

What is the difference between low impedance and high impedance injectors?

The majority of injectors are high impedance. Low impedance (peak and hold) injectors have a resistance of between 2 and 4 ohms. High impedance (saturated) injectors have a resistance of between 10 and 14 ohms. Low impedance and high impedance injectors cannot be used interchangeably without modification of the injector drivers.

Do you have any products available to convert my side-feed engine to use top-feed injectors?

Due to the popularity of top-feed injectors, there are several products available in the market that are designed with the purpose of using a standard injector size. 

Our universal injector line has 3 of the most common injector heights available in many different flow rates.

Can I run fuel system cleaner through your injectors?

While it is impossible for us to evaluate all fuel system cleaners on the market, in general they are compatible with our injectors.  In our experience, fuel system cleaners perform better as preventative maintenance and do not have lasting effects if you have an existing fuel delivery issue.  Should the fuel system cleaner not remedy your problem, an injector service may be necessary.