DW News

Due to the increased popularity of e85 and big power builds, DeatschWerks has released new larger sizes for two of its most popular applications: the Mitsubishi EVO and the Subaru WRX.

The new offering is comprised of a 1000cc/min injector and a 1300cc/min injector both of which are drop-in fitment for their applications. Like all other DeatschWerks fuel injectors, they are statically and dynamically balanced to within 1-2% and come with a custom flow report.

When your shiny new box of DeatschWerks injectors arrives at your door, few realize their journey consisted of much more than a ride on a UPS truck.

Post production testing at DeatschWerks is just as important as the magic and love we put into each injector during the production process.

E85 is becoming more and more the fuel of choice amongst our customers. At DeatschWerks, we receive calls everyday about ethanol compatibility and what size is needed for E85 use.

With the recent release of our 1,000 cc/min EVO X and Subaru injectors, we see E85 utilization doing nothing other than increasing in popularity.

Motorsports events in Oklahoma are a rarity so when DeatschWerks was approached to help out with a local drift event, they knew it was time to step up and help out.

The Madness Garage Drift Series is an amateur drift exhibition in which drivers are given the opportunity to improve and show off their sideways drifting skills on a closed course. The series is organized by Tony Diaz and is sponsored by Monster Energy Drink, DeatschWerks, and DIY Garage. There are a total of four planned dates and already there are talks about continuing the series the following year.

DeatschWerks is pleased to announce an agreement with Co-ordsport to distribute DW products throughout the UK and the rest of Europe.

This partnership will fill a hole in the distribution of DeatschWerks products to international markets. Co-ordSport was established in 1989 and has been a successful motorsports and performance parts wholesaler and retailer. The company is also involved in motorsports management, having built and run cars with many major teams including Mitsubishi Motors Corporation/Ralliart inc., both of Japan and Proton Cars Corporation/EON Motorsports of Malaysia...