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                           The University of Florida's Gator Motorsports 2014 Formula SAE team.

Round 1 Formula Drift Long Beach was a hard showing for some top drivers early with Dai Yoshihara getting knocked out in top 32 and Vaughn Gittin Jr. being defeated in the round of 16.

DeatschWerks sponsored driver Kenny Moen took 2nd place in Round 1. He persevered through the competition all the way to the final round. Finally getting defeated by Drift Garage Star Chris Forsberg....

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DeatschWerks has expanded its fuel pump range to now cover Volkswagen and Audi 1.8t applications. Brand new for 2014, the DW65v fuel pump is the company’s first application-specific fuel pump for the European market.

DeatschWerks has redesigned the DW300 (V2) to offer greater flow with no significant increase in current draw. The new DW300 pump flows 26% more at its peak and 20% more on average across all pressures. The low amperage draw minimizes pump temperatures, maximizes pump life and reduces stress on OE wiring.

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