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DeatschWerks is excited to announce we have secured an agreement with VPW to become a new authorized wholesale distributor of DW products in Australia. VPW is a large Australian distributor of DW65a_Final%20Product%20with%20Kit.JPGautomotive and motorcycle parts, located in Epping, Victoria, Australia. Beginning in May 2013, VPW will carry the full line of DeatschWerks fuel pumps, including the new DW65a and DW65c...

DeatschWerks has expanded its new “DW Fuels Your Ford” marketing campaign by offering drop-in fitment fuel pumps for Mustangs and more. Our tried and true fuel pumps – the DW65C, DW200 and DW300 are now shipping with seven different fitment kits for popular Fords.

DeatschWerks has a wide offering of injectors for most Ford Mustangs and F-150s, including the Mustang GT, GT500, and Mustang V6. The DW Mustang and F-150 injector sets come in nine sizes, including 60 lb, 78 lb, 88 lb, and 95 lb.

Now DeatschWerks has added Ford calibration summaries for all of its Mustang and F-150 injector sets at no additional cost. The DW calibration summaries provide all of the data necessary to make tuning the vehicle as easy as possible, including low & high slope, fuel breakpoint, battery offset, minimum pulse width, and more. Data files are even...

DeatschWerks products are now being distributed throughout Japan by CUSCO, a brand of the Carrosser company. CUSCO, located in Takasaki, Japan, is a large Japanese distributor whose name is synonymous with high quality products and customer service.

CUSCO heads up their DeatschWerks line with several fuel pump and injector options for the Subaru BRZ/Toyota 86, but also carries many other DeatschWerks products, including injectors and pumps for most popular Toyota’s, Nissan’s, Mitsubishi’s, Subaru’s and Honda’s.

Don't settle for a measly 12-month warranty - DeatschWerks now offers a 3-year warranty on all products. Yes, that's right – All products. Need a high performance in-tank fuel pump? DeatschWerks has a variety of them, and they have always come with a 3-year warranty. Need high performance fuel injectors for virtually any modern automotive gasoline/ethanol application? DW has those too, and now they all have a 3-year warranty as well – the best warranty in the industry.

DeatschWerks has total confidence in their fueling products. Now you can have the additional confidence that comes...


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