DW News

Since 2005, DeatschWerks (DW) has been manufacturing fuel systems for motorsports and high power street cars.  Today, DW is releasing the DW100, an in-tank pump designed to function as an OE equivalent replacement.  For the first time, the quality, performance, and reliability, you have grown to love in your DW300, DW65c, and DW350iL is available in a version created especially for the typical daily driver.

Latest News: DW100 Fuel pump, Street outlaws sponsor and Street Car Takeover partnership


DYNO Joe Cram, 3rd place finisher in Coyote modified NMRA class and Jim Swarr Award Winner has partnered up with DeatschWerks for the 2nd year in a row for the 2015 NMRA racing season. In 2014 Joe used DeatschWerks 1200cc DV2 injectors in his ProCharged Coyote Motor making around 1200hp and only taking our injectors to 70% duty cycle to make his desired power level

SEMA was a success in 2014 and we met a lot of great people, opening a lot of new opportunities for DeatschWerks!

DeatschWerks would like to announce our partnership with NMRA for the 2015 racing season. In addition to DeatschWerks sponsoring all the events this year, we are also offering contingency to any NMRA team running (8) DeatschWerks injectors in their NMRA competition vehicle for the following classes.