Real Street In-Tank Fuel Pump Comparison Test

Thursday, May 16, 2019 - 3:09pm


Real Street Performance conducted a blind in-tank fuel pump comparison test in December of 2018. The test was to see simply which in-tank fuel pumps are the best on the market. Since there are a lot of options to choose from, Real Street selected 22 of the most popular in-tank pumps including 5 of our very own DeatschWerks. Of 22 fuel pumps across 5 different manufacturers that were recently tested in Real Street Performances fuel pump shootout; only DeatschWerks met or exceeded their specs on every fuel pump, a 100% score. While the other manufacturers collectively hit their specs 35% of the time. We are proud of how the DeatschWerks pumps performed!  Click photo to enlarge -->

Not every company advertises their pumps flow the same way, making it almost impossible to compare every fuel pumps’ statistics fairly. To make everything even across the board, Real Street tested each pump using the same voltage settings, fuel pressure settings, and the same fluid to see how accurate their advertised flow comes to the actual flow under the same parameters. “Each pump was tested separately at 13.2 volts, and then again at 16 Volts to see how much more they could flow with a voltage booster.” They started at a base fuel pressure of 40psi and then increased the pressure in 5-psi increments until they hit 105psi.

Real Street added that “the results show that a lot of the pumps behave similarly, while some of them obviously outperform the majority of the others.”

To read the full article and to see the final test results click here

Because every application is different, operating under a variety of conditions – DeatschWerks has published complete Fuel Pump Characterizations for all of our in-tank pumps click here to see more.

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