Real Street In-Tank Fuel Pump Comparison Test

Tuesday, April 9, 2019 - 3:19pm

Real Street performed a blind in-tank fuel pump comparison test in December of 2018; they were looking to answer the question “which in-tank fuel pump is the best?” The test was simple; they took the 22 most popular in-tank pumps on the market and ran them all through the same test parameters. Each pump was “tested them separately at 13.2V, as well as at 16V to see how much more they could flow with a voltage booster.” We are proud of how the DeatschWerks pumps performed! - Click photo to enlarge.

To read the full article and to see the final test results click here

Because every application is different, operating under a variety of conditions – DeatschWerks has published complete Fuel Pump Characterizations for all of our in-tank pumps click here to see more.

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