New! DW Triple Pump 5.5 Liter Staged Surge Tank Kits

Wednesday, October 23, 2019 - 2:43pm

DW’s 5.5 liter staged surge tank is engineered to provide massive amounts of fuel flow reliably and consistently for high power applications up to and beyond 2,000hp. The DW5.5 SST System includes the functionality of traditional surge tanks, with increased attention to the needs of those making big power. This has been achieved by optimizing flow of electrons to the pumps and the flow of fuel out of the pumps.

The electrical connections of the DW5.5 SST consist of four M5 stainless terminals rated at a system current of 150amps. That is more than twice what is needed to drive 3 DW400 pumps at full capacity, but over-engineering is what big horsepower builds are all about. In addition, the terminals have been labeled for easy utilization of dual-stage setup. Wire a single pump to stage 1 as that is all that is needed for normal driving or idling to the start line. Wire dual pumps to stage 2 and activate with hobbs switch, ECU output, or any other trigger to get full flow of all 3 pumps when needed. Single stage use is recommended for dedicated competitive drag racing only.

The fluid dynamics of 3 high flow pumps merging into a single feed can get complicated. The DW5.5 SST has been designed with a flow-optimized 3-into-1 -10AN ORB merged outlet; this unique set up not only reduces expensive and ugly externally merged plumbing, but also takes advantage of a siphon phenomenon that increases flow output by more than 10%. 

In addition to supporting 3 pumps and massive flow, the 5.5 liter tank capacity and surge plumbing design eliminate fuel starvation during fuel sloshing and low tank conditions. Hit every apex with confidence knowing your fuel delivery system is up to the task of providing the fuel you need even under the most extreme conditions.   

The DW5.5 SST is available for purchase in both “tank-only” and “tank+pump kits.”

Our staged system is cost-effective in that it can grow with your build. One basic set of components can be configured to support from 500hp to over 2000hp. The system comes with all the extra parts needed for this adaptability plus we offer excellent technical documentation to help you get your system set up right the first time, every time. 

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DW 5.5 SST Informational and Install Video