Life just got easier with DeatschWerks double-sided connector adapters

Thursday, April 26, 2012 - 4:17pm

Honda to USCAR Connector AdapterInstalling injectors that don't have electrical connectors that match your harness has always been difficult.  First, you have to cut your factory connectors off.  Then solder pigtails in.  And what happens if you ever want to convert back to stock?

USCAR to Minitimer Connector AdapterDeatschWerks has a product that solves this problem - our double-sided connector adapters.  We currently have two adapters available:  Honda-to-USCAR and USCAR-to-Minitimer (Jetronic/EV1).

One end of either adapter plugs directly into any fuel injector that has a USCAR connector.  On the Honda adapter, the other end plugs directly into the injector connector on any OBD II or later Honda.  On the Minitimer (Jetronic/EV1) adapter, the other end plugs directly into any Minitimer (Jetronic/EV1) connector.  No soldering required.  And if you purchase a set of DeatschWerks Honda S2000, Honda K series or early model Mustang GT injectors directly from us or from one of our dealers, you get a free set of these adapters with your order.

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