The Journey of a DeatschWerks Injector

Wednesday, April 14, 2010 - 10:52am

When your shiny new box of DeatschWerks injectors arrives at your door, few realize their journey consisted of much more than a ride on a UPS truck.

Post production testing at DeatschWerks is just as important as the magic and love we put into each injector during the production process.

Before injectors are put into sets, a battery of tests are performed and only the best make the cut. Our staff works hard to continually develop and improve what is already the industry leading injector testing and quality assurance program. It is a lot of extra work but it is all worth it to ensure flawless performance for our customers from the first crank of your engine.

Coil Testing – Ohm testing is where many shops stop but it is just the beginning for us. In addition to the basic ohm test, we test for direct shorts, voltage draw, and latency. Our newest coil test is an LCR based binning procedure which combines impedance, inductance, and resistance values of a coil to classify injectors into 3 different categories (bins). These bins are then separated and never mixed so only injectors with the closest coil characteristics will make it into the same set.

Spray Pattern and Atomization – Proper spray pattern and atomization is analyzed visually on the flow bench. The spray pattern is observed at a wide range of pulsewidths and rpm's so that the injector is assured to perform well under all engine conditions.

Static Test – We perform the static test a minimum of 3 times on each injector to ensure consistency. In addition we only flow test using the best equipment which is calibrated daily and operated by experienced, full-time, DeatschWerks trained employees.

Dynamic Test – We have been using dynamic testing in accordance with SAE guidelines since day one over 5 years ago. Every set of our injectors is balanced for static flow rates, dynamic flow rates, and coil response.

Injector Matching – What good is all this testing if we don’t put it to good use? We use all the data we collect to make the best sets possible. We match injectors for static rate, dynamic rate and coil response. We put them in sets with less than 2% variance in each of those 3 categories.

QA testing – The last step is putting the injectors into matched sets so we’re done, right? Oh no, we pull 10% of all boxed injectors off the shelf and flow test one more time. Why? quality control, that's why. We go the extra mile to provide our customers the best quality available.

The report – A personalized flow report with every’s a DeatschWerks exclusive. No other company gives you as detailed information about your specific set of injectors as we do. In addition, we provide the data on a colorful, easy to read report.