Hondata Calibrations Now Available!

Thursday, March 31, 2011 - 2:50pm

HondataDeatschWerks has teamed up with Hondata, the premier Honda tuning company, to offer tuning calibrations for DeatschWerks 2006+ Civic Si injectors. The Hondata  FlashPro will now include injector calibrations for the DeatschWerks 450cc, 600cc, 800cc, 1000cc, and 1300cc 06+ Civic SI injectors.

This will allow FlashPro users to easily load DeatschWerks injector calibrations and help eliminate the time-consuming guess work for injector tuning.  Hondata now also stocks the full line of DeatschWerks Honda fuel injectors, available to any authorized Hondata dealer.

“We have had great success with the DeatschWerks Injectors on the Hondas we have tested. The 800cc injectors display stock starting and idling characteristics. Part of this is due to the excellent atomization and spray pattern. Customers feedback has been that even when upgrading to the largest available 1300cc DeatschWerks injectors on their forced induction Hondas, start, idle, and cruise characteristics have all improved.”

Doug Macmillan | Hondata President