The Fuel Pump Reviews Are Out

Monday, May 9, 2011 - 2:52pm

Catch a glimpse of how our DW300+ LPH fuel pump performs in real-world conditions compared to the competition. Independent reviews were performed by Cobb Tuning, Forged Performance, Pur Performance, and Modern Automotive Performance. See what all the hype is about.

The examples below are direct quotes.

Cobb Tuning

The lack of fuel with a Walbro 255 produced a drop in fuel pressure at higher RPM.

This particular car (2004 Subaru STi) was equipped with a fuel pressure gauge. We were able to observe a coincident drop in fuel pressure and leaner AF with higher RPM despite high injector duty cycle. This clearly shows this car was running at the edge of the fuel pump capacity.

More fuel delivery with a DW300 pump allows more power with lower injector duty.

When the car was tuned again with a new DeatschWerks 300 fuel pump we were able to run MORE boost with richer AF ratios AND LOWER injector duty cycle. Because of this we were able to get the most out of a very capable Cosworth motor/35r setup. Fuel pressure was also rock solid with NO drop off at higher RPM.

DeatschWerks 300 fuel pump delivers fuel for high HP ethanol applications.

As a second example demonstrating the potential of this new pump we installed a test unit on a 2009 WRX equipped with DW 1300cc injectors a 35r turbo and E85 fuel. Because E85 requires ~30% more fuel volume at a comparable power to pump fuel this setup would normally be limited in power with a single Walbro 255 installed. We ended up only using 85% of a 1300cc injector and making this power with a completely linear (not fuel delivery limited) injector duty cycle.

Forged Performance

The objective was to push to 30psi on the stock block, knowing our single pump DW pump would not make it that far. But I was pleasantly surprised at just how far it did make it and far exceeded what can be done with the traditional Walbro 255. A standard Walbro 255 would have run out of fuel at 400whp tops on E85 on our Dyno Dynamics, vs. 470whp as we demonstrated here with the DW300 pump.

I am generally suggesting that everyone uses the DeatschWerks fuel pump.

The Walbro's are good, but the DW are higher quality, flow more, and future proof you should you decide to shoot for more power down the road. They fit in just like the Walbro's do, with just a little internal pump assembly modifications.

Pur Performance

  • 2010 Chevy Camaro SS
  • PUR STAGE 5 650RWHP Package
  • Procharger D1SC @ 10LBS
  • FORE Precision Works Fuel Hat
  • Deatschwerks Twin 300 Fuel Pumps
  • Deatschwerks 65lb Injectors
  • 2 Bar Map Sensor
  • American Racing 1 7/8" Long Tube Headers
  • American Racing Cat-Back
  • High Flow Cats
  • Eibach Lowering Kit
  • Eibach Sway Bars

Modern Automotive Performance

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  • 2.3L MAP Built Stroker
  • Dark Performance T4 Manifold/Comp Billet 6262 Turbo Kit
  • DeatschWerks 300lph in-tank pump and 1500cc injectors - tuned on E85

We recently had a chance to use an innovative new product that seems to be creating a lot of buzz after its unveiling at the recent SEMA show. Consumers have struggled for years to find a solution to squeeze big power out of a drop in replacement fuel pump. DeatschWerks now has an answer.

We were able to make well over 600whp on E85 on just the single DW300, where a standard Walbro 255hp limited the car to just over 500hp.

We all know manufacture testing leaves a few real-life variables out of the equation so when we had the chance to use the product to see if the real world results were there, we jumped on it. We used stock wiring up to about 600whp, then did a re-wire on the car and went up to about 630whp.