Fuel Pump Flow Characterization

Thursday, March 7, 2019 - 2:19pm

When looking for a fuel pump, it is helpful to keep in mind the conditions it will see when being used in the vehicle. Most gasoline fuel injected systems operate between 40-60 psi fuel pressure, base. In return fuel systems with a reference fuel pressure regulator, that base pressure is maintained regardless of vacuum or boost in the intake manifold (known as pressure delta); in order for the pressure delta to stay the same, the fuel pressure has to rise on a 1:1 ratio with the pressure in the intake manifold. So, a typical turbo or supercharged car running 15-20 psi of boost and a base pressure of 45 psi would see a total system pressure of 60-65 psi. In systems seeing a high boost, 30-50 psi, and a higher base fuel pressure; 100+ psi total system pressure isn’t out of the question. That is why DW has published complete fuel pump characterizations for all of our in-tank pumps at pressures from 0 – 120 psi and volts from 10 – 20v to help you choose the pump that is right for your application.

Click here to download the Flow Characterizations for each DeatschWerks In-tank Fuel Pump. 

For help deciding which pump is right for your application, contact your favorite DW Dealer or call 800.419.6023 or email sales@deatschwerks.com