Formula Drift Excitement in Orlando Slides Bakchis into 8th Overall

Wednesday, May 2, 2018 - 9:31am

Formula Drift Round 2: "Scorched" heated up in Orlando this past weekend to kick off the eastern leg of the 2018 championship. Aurimas “Odi” Bakchis’ performance on track was noteworthy and his Top 8 finish for the round slid him into 8th overall for championship points. His Falken Tires Drifz Wheels Maxxoil S14 fought through heat, bumps, and smoke to prove its continued reliability as a worthy contender on the pavement.

Bakchis qualified with a high score of 93 points on Friday afternoon, placing him against rookie Kevin Lawrence for the Top 32 tandem battle. Bakchis advanced on to the Top 16 to meet his Falken Tires teammate Matt Field in a dramatic battle. Field collided with Bakchis after the first turn, resulting in damage that had to be addressed with limited time. The two went into a “one-more-time” battle and Bakchis secured the win to advance to the Top 8. Bakchis was paired against Feal Suspension & Falken Tires teammate James Deane for Top 8, where Deane then advanced. 

Bakchis’ and Field co-star on the “Frenemies” series, which highlights the mix of rivalry and camaraderie between the two drivers. Season 2 debuted earlier this month with over 540,000 views. Frenemies - Episode 2 will be released next week and should be exciting as it will cover the drivers’ input on their collision, subsequent one-more-time battle, and Odi’s ultimate win between the two.

Written by: Amy Bakchis