Employee Ride Spotlight: Mark Hutchison's Turbo LS Swapped BMW

Friday, March 22, 2019 - 12:24pm

This month DW is featuring an employee build by Mark Hutchison, our Sr. Marketing Coordinator, a Turbo LS Swapped 2003 BMW 325ci e46 better known as the GMW.

Mark had one goal in mind when he found the all-stock 2003 BMW 325ci a few years back for $1,000, swap the 2.5L 6-cylinder for an LS, throw a turbo on it, and run 10’s. Mark accomplished those goals when he ran his personal best of 10.9 @ 121mph on his first time out racing this season at Thunder Valley Raceway Park in Oklahoma.

Under the hood is a 5.3L LM7 engine with a Z06 Cam, LS2 Intake, ARP Head Bolts, and now a 7875 VR Racing turbo. He did have a 76/65 On3 turbo installed previously, but on his personal best pass it decided to eat a belt and destroy the turbo. Moving on to the fuel system, Mark went with a DW400 fuel pump made to fit the e46 platform, DW -8AN Lines and Fittings from the tank to the fuel rail, a DWFF160 fuel filter, DWR1000 fuel pressure regulator, and to top it off with eight-95lb DW fuel injectors. The GMW is tuned by David of Shelby Killer Performance on 91 octane with a water/meth setup and it makes just north of 600hp.The stock transmission couldn’t hold the added power, so he decided to swap in a TH400 and put some meaty 275/50/15 tires on the rear. Surprisingly he is still on a BMW stock rear differential and stock axles but his plans for the future will be a Ford 8” rear end and upgraded axles and a shot at a 9-second pass!

Photos by: DeatschWerks