Dyno Joe Cram Partners Up again for the 2015 NMRA Season!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015 - 11:06am

DYNO Joe Cram, 3rd place finisher in Coyote modified NMRA class and Jim Swarr Award Winner has partnered up with DeatschWerks for the 2nd year in a row for the 2015 NMRA racing season. In 2014 Joe used DeatschWerks 1200cc DV2 injectors in his ProCharged Coyote Motor making around 1200hp and only taking our injectors to 70% duty cycle to make his desired power level. This year Joe has a new motor from Holbrook Racing Engines, bumping up his power level, which in turn letting Joe use the DeatschWerks injector to its full potential.  Joe has been making passes in the Mid 8 seconds at 164 mph range. With this increase of power he should improve that time and be very competitive for the top ranks of the Coyote Modified Class.
DeatschWerks strives to be at the forefront of all fueling technologies, saw the NMRA Series as a great platform to partner with, as well as, the teams to better develop our Modern Muscle lines of Fuel Injectors as well as Fuel Pumps, specifically for Ford and the Coyote platform. For 2015, DeatschWerks will be an Official Sponsor of all the NMRA events as well as Paying Contingency for Coyote Modified, Renegade, Modular Muscle, Super Stang,Truck and Lightning, and Factory Stock. 

As an extra bonus this year, DeatschWerks is offering a 50% discount to all NMRA racers on a purchase of DeatschWerks injectors or fuel pumps to run in their NMRA competition vehicle for our inaugural year as a NMRA sponsor. For more information, contact our Modern Muscle Sales rep, Mark Heinen, 


Look out for DYNO Joe this season as well as any DeatschWerks Representative at the races in 2015!

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