DW Newsletter - September 2015

Tuesday, September 1, 2015 - 11:47am

Latest News: DeatschWerks Surge Tanks, Pump Pre Filters and 2015 SEMA Co-op Program



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NEW PRODUCT /  Modular 2.5L and 3.5L Surge Tanks - Race Proven Flexibility


Custom surge tanks have been common to the racing industry for many years and serve the purposes of avoiding fuel starvation in high G corners and low fuel tank levels.  The new DW Modular Surge Tanks take all the functionality of traditional racing surge tanks and added compact packaging, decreased pump noise, and increased flexibility. These improvements have been achieved by moving the pumps inside the surge tank, AND allowing the use of single or dual pump configurations.

The 2.5 Modular is a 2.5-liter surge tank designed to house either one or two DW250iL’s with the retail price of $379.  The 3.5 Modular is a 3.5-liter surge tank designed to house either one or two DW350iL’s with the retail price of $399.  In addition, both systems include adapters to allow the use of the surge tank with no pump installed, which maximizes tank capacity and allows the customer to use whatever external fuel pump they desire.

Over the past year, these modular fuel systems have been proven on both the street and track through DW’s extensive network of sponsored drivers in NMRA, Formula D, and Global Time Attack.  Our sponsored drivers have used these modular systems in many different configurations and pushed them to the limits with excellent results.                     

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NEW PRODUCT / -8AN & -6AN Pump Pre-Filters





For those interested in taking integration of the new DW2.5L and DW3.5L Surge Tanks one step further, DW is also releasing new –6AN and -8AN pump pre-filters which move filtration inside the surge tank.  These 100-micron stainless filters are e85 compatible, feature -6AN and -8AN fittings, and screw directly into the DW250iL and DW350iL inlets. Retail price $79

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SEMA 2015 / Are you or someone you know showing a car at SEMA??





We know the amount on money and hard work that goes into building the amazing vehicles on display every year at SEMA. Most of the vehicles are not backed by deep pocket sponsors, but by enthusiasts sacrificing blood, sweat, tears… and a lot of money, to one day get their build on SEMA show floor. So for all this hard work and dedication, we will be supporting these vehicles with product credit and cash of up to $500 for displaying one of three official “fueled by DW” logo’s.  We hope this support will ease some of the burden of what it takes to get a vehicle all the way to Las Vegas for the show.

Applications for the SEMA Co-op branding program will start being accepted September 15th.

Participants can choose between 3 different sized vinyl logo’s, each of which have a different product credit or cash payout value. The program is open anyone that will have their vehicle on display at the 2015 SEMA show, whether in a manufactures booth, in the concourses, or outside of the show and regardless if the car is individually owned, shop owned, or manufactured owned.

Don’t have a DeatschWerks fueling product installed on the vehicle yet? Don’t worry, DeatschWerks can help with that too. There is a place on the application to inquire about product sponsorship if the vehicle is not yet DeatschWerks equipped


Calendar / DeatschWerks will be represented at these upcoming events


  • Sep 20th: Import Face-Off - Wichita, KS
  • Sep 27th: Import Face-Off - Columbus, OH
  • Sep 27th: Import Face-Off - Bakersfield, CA
  • Oct 3rd: Import Face-Off - San Antonio, TX
  • Oct 4th: Import Face-Off - Baytown, TX
  • Oct 11th:  Import Face-Off - Epping, NH
    Oct 17th-18th:  Street Car Takeover - Oklahoma City, OK
  • Oct 18th: Import Face-Off - Tucson, AZ