DW Newsletter - September 2014

Sunday, September 7, 2014 - 12:19pm

Latest News: DW65v fuel pump, DW350iL, Street car takeover and LPF Mustang



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Product / DeatschWerks DW65v VW/Audi AWD Fuel Pump









In a follow up to the successful DW65v fuel pump for VW Audi, DeatschWerks has expanded the line to include a new version of the DW65V for All-Wheel-Drive Applications. This new variation (PN 9-655-1025) is similar to the original DW65v fuel pump, but has a newly designed end cap which allows it to function properly with the AWD fuel tank . The original DW65V was an instant hit for 1.8t FWD owners, and now 1.8t AWD and 3.2 VR6 owners can enjoy the same benefits of a pumps that fits like stock, does not create low fuel level starvation like other pumps, and also flows enough to support the higher HP ranges.

Like the rest of DeatschWerks’ DW65 pump series (DW65c and DW65a), this “v” version flows 265lph and can support 500hp. The DW65 series of pumps are characterized by their specialty fitment, allowing 100% drop-in fitment for applications that don’t take a standard-size fuel pump. The DW65v has the same pick up points as the factory pump and utilizes a system identical to stock to maintain the bucket’s fuel level, avoiding fuel starvation at low fuel levels or in high cornering. All DeatschWerks fuel pumps come with an industry-leading 3-year warranty.

Some popular applications for the AWD DW65v are the MK4 and MK5 R32 Golf. As well as the Audi MK1 S3, MK2 S3, Mk1 and MK2 TT.

On top of the New AWD applications, the DW65v FWD version has also been confirmed to be a drop-in replacement for the Low Pressure Fuel Pump on the 2.0 TSI and 2.0 FSI model cars, including the MK2 Audi TT.

EngineDrive trainPart Number
1.8t FWD9-654-1025
1.8t AWD9-655-1025
3.2 VR6 AWD9-655-1025
2.0 TSI FSI FWD9-654-1025
DW65v Features
  • Drop-in fitment
  • Supports up to 500hp
  • 265 LPH DW65v flows 40% more than the TT225
  • Eliminates fuel starvation issues caused by other high-flow pumps
  • No wiring needed / Connector matches factory
  • 3-year no-fault warranty
  • Quiet and reliable turbine impellerr

DW65v Tech Page

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Product Reminder / DW350iL



In case you missed it! Last month we released the DW350il. It's the highest flowing pump that DeatschWerks has offered to date. Flowing 350 LPH @ 40psi and over 300 LPH at 70psi, it can support over 750hp. Utilizing roller-vane technology allows a flatter flow curve, which means more flow at higher pressures - a must for turbo and supercharged applications.

Along with higher flow rates, the DW350iL comes with -8 AN ORB female fittings on the inlet and outlet to easily incorporate larger fuel lines, an anodized aluminum body, two t-bolt mounting brackets with rubber isolators, and rubber boots to protect the power terminals.

The DW350iL has been engineered to fit Bosch 044 surge tanks, which provide reserve fueling capacity and dual pump capability - important in many high power motorsport applications.

We sold out of our initial stock the first week. We will be back in stock, shipping the second week of September.

DW350iL Tech Page

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Events / Street Car Takeover Houston




DeatschWerks' crew was in full force at Street Car Takeover! Adventuring around Houston, checking out shops, attending the amazing dyno day put on by KP Racing and seeing some amazing cars and racing at Royal Purple Speedway Saturday. It was great meeting everyone and checking out their cars. Texas for sure knows cars!

Friday was a great time at KP Racing in Houston. Over 1000 people showed up to dyno their cars, check out some cool cars, eat wings and check out our booth. We had great weather that night and the turnout was amazing.

Saturday started out rainy at Royal Purple Raceway in Baytown, Texas. But after an hour of Texas sunlight all the water dried up and let us have a great day of roll racing.

Sunday's events were postponed due to Royal Purple being under water. But the team at SCT reorganized at Fast Automotive and had second dyno day and the DeatschWerks Burn Out Contest. Overall a great weekend. See you at the next event!

Street Car Takeover Website

SCT Houston Facebook



Car Spotlight / LPF's Killer 6



This 2013 3.7l v6 Mustang looks innocent on the outside. But under the hood hides a twin turbo kit and some nitrous from Limitless Performance and Fabrication. Every time it hits the track or streets, it puts the hurt on whoever goes up against it. From Procharged C7 Corvettes or GT-Rs, it tends to show them it's taillights. The kit you can order from LPF includes DeatschWerks 60lb injectors or 90lb injectors helping make the kit capable of 750hp. Very impressive on the 3.7l v6. Check out Killer 6's Facebook page and Limitless Performance and Fabrication's website for more info and videos.

Killer 6's Facebook

Limitless Performance and  Fabrication's Site


Calendar / DeatschWerks will be represented at these upcoming events

  • September 14: Import Face-Off - Noble, OK
  • September 28: Import Face-Off - Columbus, OH
  • November 2 -7: SEMA - Las Vegas, Nevada
  • December 11-13: PRI - Indianapolis, Indiana

        Look for DeatschWerks fuel pump giveaways at all  Import Face-Off events.