DW Newsletter - March 2016

Monday, March 7, 2016 - 10:44am

Latest News: DW in-line Fuel filters, CTS-V Drop in fitment fuel pumps and Subaru Conversion Rails.


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NEW PRODUCT /  DW In-line Fuel Filters


With the rising popularity of ethanol-based fuels such as e10 and e85, users have experienced increased challenges in fuel system maintenance.  The new DW fuel filters feature an industry first dual-stage magneto-mechanical filter element.  This provides an extra layer of protection by trapping contaminants of corrosion, common with ethanol-based fuels, with a neodymium magnet prior to mechanical filtration.

By incorporating pleated, high surface area, stainless steel filtering material, DW fuel filters work equally well in non-ethanol based fuels. The stainless steel filters are compatible with a wide range of fuels including pump gas, race gas, MTBE, ethanol, methanol, and diesel. Superior life span, maximum fuel compatibility, and high temperature tolerance give DW stainless filter elements a distinct advantage over competitors’ glass and paper filter elements.

Filter Housing Features

  • 2” diameter for easy in-line mounting
  • 3 lengths for varying flow requirements (70, 110, and 160mm)
  • Anodized T6061 aluminum construction
  • -8 AN ORB inlet and outlet

Filter Element Features

  • Dual stage magneto-mechanical filtration
  • 35mm neodymium magnet
  • Pleated, high surface area stainless steel filter material
  • Fully serviceable and reusable
  • Available in 10-micron and 100-micron
  • Documented pressure drop vs flow on all elements

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NEW PRODUCT /  CTS-V Direct Fitment Fuel Pump Kit



With over 90 unique fuel pump fitment kits covering hundreds of different applications, we are the leader in drop-in fitment fuel pump solutions.  Today we are building on this reputation by announcing the release of two new fuel pump kits for the Cadillac CTS-V.

The DW CTS-V2 pump kit for the 6.2L supercharged LSA features dual 340lph DW300c fuel pumps which outflow the OE dual pumps by more than 30%.  This additional flow will support over 700whp on ethanol and over 800whp on gasoline.  Because the DW pumps are a direct replacement for the OE pumps, you can retain all of the benefits of the OE fuel system including excellent low fuel level pick up, pump programmability through the OE pump controller, and retainment of all OE fuel lines.  This high level of integration also translates into significantly lower costs and easier installation.

In addition to the CTS-V2 kit, DW is also releasing a CTS-V1 kit for LS2/LS6 first gen.  Both the V1 and V2 fuel pump kits are in-stock and ready to ship.  Both kits feature: e85 compatible 340lph fuel pumps, comprehensive fitment parts, detailed instructions, and a 3 year warranty.  See below for part numbers and applications…   

CTS-V1(single pump) - 2004-2007 - PN: 9-301-1038 - $169

CTS- V2(dual pumps) - 2009-2014 - PN: 9-309-1039 - $389



  • Dual 340lph DW300c In-tank Pumps
  • Over 30% increase and quiet as OE
  • 100% PnP Fitment into the Factory Bucket
  • Works with Factory Fuel Pump Controller 

NEW PRODUCT  / 1992-2000 2.0T Subaru WRX/STI Fuel Rails



At the end of 2014 we released Subaru conversion, upgrade fuel rail and injector kits. These kits covered USDM Subaru models from 02-current. We are now releasing two new versions of these kits to cover non-USDM models from 92-2000. These new versions are both side feed to top feed injector conversion kits for the V1-V4 92-98 WRX/STi and 99-00 V5-V6 WRX/STi. These kits allow for conversion from the factory side feed injectors to top feed injectors with choices for fuel injector flow rates from 850cc to 2200cc.


1992-1998 2.0T Subaru Conversion Rails With Injectors

1999-2000 2.0T Subaru Conversion Rails With Injectors





EVENTS / 2016 DeatschWerks Spring Event Schedule


 Below are Events that DeatschWerks will be attending or represented at:
  • March 3rd: NMRA - Bradenton , FL
  • March 20th: Import Face-Off - Wichita, KS
  • April 8-9: Street Car Takeover-  Orlando, FL
  • April 7-10: NMRA - Atlanta, GA
  • April 1th: Import Face-Off - NOBLE, OK
  • April 22-23: Street Car Takeover - OKC, OK
  • May 6-7: Street Car Takeover - Indianapolis, IN