DW Newsletter - June 2014

Saturday, June 7, 2014 - 12:19pm

Latest News: DW 1200cc injectors, Fuel Pump fitment kits , Street Car takeover and Motorsports Updates.



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Product / DeatschWerks EV14 1200cc DV2 Injector




 DeatschWerks is releasing a new line of Bosch EV14 fuel injectors called “DV2” The new DV2 line of injectors are characterized by their higher flow, greater precision, and race fuel compatibility.  DV2 is available exclusively through DeatschWerks.  Our first DV2 injector features 1200cc of flow and is available in over 20 different PN’s for both plug-n-play and universal fitment.  Keep reading to learn more.

The DV2 advantage…

  • All DV2 injectors feature Bosch EV14 technology-widely regarded as the gold standard in EFI.
  • All DV2 injectors flow in excess of 1,000cc/min at 3bar using SAE testing standards.
  • All DV2 injectors are flow matched with our exclusive multi-point dynamic flow testing.
  • All DV2 injectors are compatible with race fuels including MTBE-oxygenated fuels, ethanol blended fuels (including e85) and methanol blended fuels.

In addition to the above DV2 exclusive features, all DW injectors are offered as drop-in fitment sets for many of the most popular applications. Drop-in fitment dramatically simplifies installation.  In addition, DW injectors include comprehensive injector characterization data. This data package allows for easier tuning and results in better idle, drivability and power than competitors’ injectors.  Be on the watch for more high(er) flow DV2 injectors coming soon.

The DeatschWerks DV2 1200cc injectors are now available for purchase at your local dealer or at DeatschWerks.com at $639 for a set of four, $929 for a set of six and $1199 for a set of eight.

1200cc DV2 Product Page

1200cc DV2 Ford Calibration Summaries

1200cc DV2 GM Calibration Data 

1200cc DV2 Characterization Summary


Products / C4 Corvette, 370z/G37, and Mazda RX8 Fuel Pump Fitment Kits


DeatschWerks continues to bring you the widest range of fuel pumps and fitment kits in the industry. Now available for the DW200 (255lph) and DW300 (340lph) are install kits for the Nissan 370z, Infiniti G37, C4 Corvette, and Mazda RX8.

Shop DW300 (340lph) Fuel Pumps

Shop DW200 (255lph) Fuel Pumps


Events / Street Car Takeover OKC!

Procharged C7 vs. V10 Viper Roll Race at Thunder Valley




DeatschWerks sponsored the Street Car Takeover event in Oklahoma City, OK last weekend. The event consisted of a Dyno Day @ Midwest Street Cars, a car show, and two track days at Thunder Valley Raceway.

The dyno day was eventful, lots of fast, loud, and high horsepower cars and trucks showed up. Some making close to 1000hp.

After the dyno day, everyone migrated to the hotels just north of Downtown OKC, behind a Twin Peak's. There were 500+ cars that crowded the parking lots all around the hotels and restaurants. DeatschWerks' booth was accompanied by other vendors like Nitrous Outlet, 1320 Video, Street Car Takeover's booth and You Can't Fake Boost Wear. The weather was great and so were the people from all over the area.

Saturday was the first day of racing at Thunder Valley. The racers all cruised together from the hotels to Noble, Oklahoma. The sun was out and by 1 o'clock people were ready to race. There was lots of great racing, everything from 8 second Turbo Coyotes to a 13 second Turbo 240sx.

Sunday was similar to Saturday but there was grudge racing and the first roll racing ever at Thunder Valley. Look for DeatschWerks at the next Street Car Takeover Events in Indy and Houston!

Street Car Takeover Facebook


Motorsports / Formula Drift




Formula Drift is more than half way over with the 2014 season. So far Chris "The Force" Forsberg has had a commanding lead. Placing on the podium at every event this year. Close at his heals is DeatschWerks driver Kenny Moen, who is in 4th place for the 2014 season.

In the last month Kenny Moen took third place at Formula Drift Miami. He put up a good fight all the way through the weekend. Finally loosing to Vaughn Gittin. Kenny snagged some good championship points padding his 4th place spot.

Formula Drift Round Four at the Wall Speedway in New Jersey was hard fight for alot of top drivers. The 30 degree wall lived up to the nickname "The Gauntlet", and many drivers fell victim to the difficulty of the bank. DeatschWerks drivers Kenny Moen only made it to the top 16 round, being beaten out by the Megan Racing Camaro driven Conrad Grunewald. 

Ryan Tuerck also had difficulty with the tricky track, qualifying for top 32 but being beaten out by the 2011 FD Champion Dai Yoshihara.

Look for more Formula Drift action at Formula Drift Round 5 in Monroe, Washington at Evergreen Speedway.

Formula drift website


Calendar / DeatschWerks will be represented at these upcoming events


        Look for DeatschWerks fuel pump giveaways at all Streetcar Takeover and Import Face-Off events.