DW Newsletter - August 2015

Saturday, August 1, 2015 - 11:53am

Latest News: DW250iL, Evo X calibration Data and Motorsports updates.


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NEW PRODUCT /  DW250iL, 250 LPH In-Line Fuel Pump







Today we are announcing the release of our newest fuel pump, the DW250iL.  With the release of this 250LPH in-line fuel pump, our offering has increased to an industry leading 10 unique in-tank and in-line pump models.

The new DW250iL shares many of the same features as the popular DW350iL including: roller vane pumping mechanism, AN fittings, anodized aluminum body and t-bolt mounting brackets.  The DW250iL’s small footprint, low current draw, and competitive price-point at $119, makes it an ideal candidate for many builds targeting 400-600 HP.

Over the next several months, both the DW250iL and DW350iL will be joined by an offering of modular surge tanks, in-line filters, and custom fittings to help you get the most out of your DW in-line fuel pumps.   

All DeatschWerks’ fuel pumps come with a 3-year comprehensive warranty.

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Product Update / Mitsubishi EVO (4G63T) Injector Update




As part of our continued product improvement, we are offering two new EVO 4G63T high impedance injectors and discontinuing three others. The two new high impedance options are Bosch EV14 800cc and 1000cc, both plug and play into the factory fuel rail, manifold, and wiring harness. This bolsters the DW high impedance 4G63T injector line to all PnP Bosch EV14 injectors in flow rates of 800cc, 1000cc, 1200cc, 1500cc, and 2200cc.

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Product Support / Updated Evo X Injector Data




For those who utilize our fuel injector calibration data, please note that we have updated data of our EVO X and Ford injectors. For EVO X, it applies to all PN’s. For Ford, it applies to 60lb, 78lb, 88lb, 95lb, and 1500cc PN’s and includes reformatting to a more friendly SCT copy and paste style. The revised data has been in-car validated and has proven to be a substantial improvement.

MotorSports / Sponsorship Updates




The last few months have been a exciting time for DeatschWerks sponsored drivers all over the country spanning all types of motorsports. From drag racing to drifting, DeatschWerks if the go-to name for motorsport fueling products.

Formula Drift

Ryan Tuerck is currently sitting 2nd place in points for the 2015 FD Championship running DeatschWerks 1500cc Dv2 Injectors. Ryan has been on the podium three out of the five events including a first place finish at FD Orlando. Only a couple events left and Ryan will need to continue to get on the podium to ensure a top finish! Currently seven of the top drivers in the Formula Drift Pro Series run DeatschWerks fueling products; Ryan Tuerck, Daigo Saito, Kenny Moen, Robbie Nishida, Dean Kearney, Mats Baribeau and Conrad Grunewald.



DeatschWerks' inaugural year supporting the NMRA series has produced countless wins and runner ups in the six classes we support with contingency. One of the drivers running DeatschWerks 35lb injectors in his Coyote powered Mustang is Matt Amrine, the 2014 Factory Stock Champion. Matt has defended his championship with four wins and one runner up so far this year and looks to be have the 2015 title almost wrapped up.


Global Time Attack

Doug Wind, pilot of the Modern Performance Dodge SRT-4 Neon running DeatschWerks 1300cc injectors and Dw300 Fuel pumps set a track record at VIR for a FWD platform of 1:57, the first FWD to ever get under 2 minuets at VIR. Doug is on a roll in the unlimted FWD class in GTA, securing podium finishes at all of the events he has gone to.

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Calendar / DeatschWerks will be represented at these upcoming events


  • Aug 14-16th: Street Car Takeover - Atlanta, GA
  • Aug 16th: Import Face-Off - Pittsburgh, PA
  • Aug 30th: Import Face-Off - St. Louis, MO
  • Sep 4-6th: Street Car Takeover - Dallas, TX
  • Sep 13th: Import Face-Off - Noble, OK
  • Sep 20th: Import Face-Off - Wichita, KS
  • Sep 27th: Import Face-Off - Columbus, OH
  • Sep 27th: Import Face-Off - Bakersfield, CA
  • Oct 3rd: Import Face-Off - San Antonio, TX