DW Newsletter - April 2014

Monday, April 7, 2014 - 12:19pm

Latest News: DW online calculators, Formula Drift Results, social media reminder and F1 technology.



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DeatschWerks.com / Online Fuel Calculators



DeatschWerks.com has a full line of resources for you to take advantage of to make sure you have the right fuel setup for your build.

Click the links below to open each calculator.

Fuel Injector Calculator

The Fuel injector Calculator lets you see what size injectors that would work best for your build by asking for your target crank horsepower, number of injectors, fuel type, and max duty cycle.

Fuel Pump Calculator

The Fuel Pump Calculator helps you figure out what size fuel pump is needed for your system. It asks how many injectors, the flow rate, base fuel pressure, boost levels, and if its a return or returnless fuel system.

Flow vs. Pressure Calculator

You use this calculator to estimate changes in flow rates when a change in fuel pressure is made. This calculator works with pressure values in either psi or kpa and flow values in either cc/min or lbs/hr.

Flow Rate Conversion

Use this calculator to convert from different units of flow. CC/Min, Lbs/Hr, and G/S


Motorsports / Formula Drift Long Beach





Round 1 Formula Drift Long Beach was a hard showing for some top drivers early with Dai Yoshihara getting knocked out in top 32 and Vaughn Gittin Jr. being defeated in the round of 16.

DeatschWerks sponsored driver Kenny Moen took 2nd place in Long Beach. Kenny runs FOUR...yes, FOUR DW300 fuel pumps and 1300cc DeatschWerks injectors in his 2jz powered, 700 hp 240sx. Kenny battled his way to the top, finally getting beaten by Drift Garage star Chris Forsberg in the final round.                                 

Ryan Tuerck's DeatschWerks powered FRS had a rough weekend at Formula Drift Long Beach. Getting in a wreck during media day and quickly repairing the damage for the event on Friday. Qualified 11th and paired up against Alec Hohnadell in the top 32. He beat out Hohnadell to move up to the top 16. Finally getting defeated by Justin Pawlak in the next round.   

The DeatschWerks powered SC430 Apexi Drift car driven by a new driver, Kuniaki Takahashi put some good practice runs in but had mechanical issues. The team quickly fixed the car, but with the lack of seat time on the track, Kuniaki was unable to qualify in the top 32 with the 60 drivers in the competition.

Look out for all of the DeatschWerks sponsored cars at the next round at Formula Drift Atlanta May 9th-10th 

Round 1 Formula Drift Long Beach Results

Check out this video recap of some of the Achilles Radial Drift Team from Formula Drift Long Beach. Highlighting Kenny Moen in a spectacular burnout at the beginning.



Social Media / Like, Share, Follow, and Subscribe



DeatschWerks is ramping up our social media activity. We have been staying current on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. Click the social media icons to the left and stop by any of our pages and check out some of our most recent DeatschWerks updates!

Check out this video clip of DeatschWerks stopping by Midwest Street Cars in Oklahoma City and talking to Big Chief from Street Outlaws about the DeatschWerks 2200cc/min EV14 injectors.


Technical Innovation / Formula 1





Formula 1 is always on the forefront of automotive technology. This year is no different. With new engines to work with, V6 Turbos, team engineers have a new challenge to deal with. Many teams in the first few races have retired due to engine issues but other teams like Mercedes with 3 wins so far in the season are charging forward with this new design and winning with it. Other restrictions that F1 has instituted this year is restricting the amount of fuel flow to 100 KG per hour (135 Liters per hour). Reducing fuel consumption and putting more focus on the KERS (kinetic energy recovery system).

As in every other year in F1 not only did the engines change but the aero packages changed also. Jalopnik's Opposite Lock page has a great set of images from the race in Bahrain showing all the new aero on some of the cars in F1.

2014 Formula 1 Aero Images


Calendar / DeatschWerks will be represented at these upcoming events


Look for DeatschWerks fuel pump giveaways at all Import Face-Off events.