DW Makes Honda K-Series Injector Shopping Easy

Friday, September 27, 2019 - 9:23am

Honda's are the kings of swaps. Not only engine swaps, but intake manifold swaps too! This can make injector shopping and fitting way more complicated than it should be. 8th gen injectors fit differently than 9th gen. Plus the RBC manifold fits injectors differently than the OEM manifold… Too many options! DW makes it easy. All DW K-series injector part numbers are now kitted with everything needed to fit every combination of 8th gen, 9th gen, OE manifold, and RBC manifold. One part number is all you need to simply your installation, simplify your shopping, and simplify your inventory.

The new DW part numbers retain everything you love…

  • Bosch EV14 technology for precise metering and atomization
  • 8 different Flow matched sizes from 440cc to 2200cc
  • Matched and balanced sets with individual flow report
  • Extensive characterization data to make tuning easier

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