DeatschWerks offers new and improved testing and services

Wednesday, April 11, 2012 - 4:48pm

DeatschWerks has offered fuel injector services for more than 5 years.  DeatschWerks has taken this experience to optimize and add to their processes and to become a one-stop-shop for fuel pump and fuel injector testing and service. The new options now offered meet a large range of needs, from the enthusiast who requires basic product cleaning and testing, to the calibrator who requires advanced data to optimize idle, drivability and power in different applications and setups.Fuel Pump Group

Beginning July 1st, DeatschWerks will offer fuel pump testing for any in-tank or in-line fuel pump. Their comprehensive testing includes voltage, flow, pressure, cavitation, and PRV tests. In addition, our experienced technicians will perform qualitative observations such as physical inspection, performance fluctuations, noise abnormalities, etc. All fuel pump testing will come with a detailed report that shows results and calculations, including flow rates and supported horsepower.Injector group

The new fuel injector services at DeatschWerks can be broken into two categories: Dynamic Services and Advanced Testing. The Dynamic Injector Service features a full teardown, ultrasonic cleaning, back-flush, and rebuild of all replaceable seals, o-rings, and filters. Then DeatschWerks performs a comprehensive dynamic flow test at various pulse widths to simulate real world driving conditions. If desired, a pretest can be added to compare before and after results, and fuel rail service can be added to clean the fuel rail and for assistance in removing side feed injectors.

DeatschWerks has also added 2 Advanced Testing Procedures. The Linearity Test provides both minimum pulse width and maximum duty cycle recommendations. In addition the Linearity test will show the slope (linearity) of your injector at low pulse width, medium pulse width, and high pulse width conditions. The Battery Offset Test provides offset data at a wide range of voltages and pressures. DeatschWerks can customize this test to fit your exact needs. This data is crucial for tuners and calibrators needing injector characterization data to aid in setting up an aftermarket ECU.

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