300+ Liter Per Hour In-tank Pump Sets New Standards

Monday, November 8, 2010 - 1:34pm

There has long been a need for an in-tank pump that is quiet, reliable, ethanol compatible, and higher flowing than the currently available in-tank options.

The DW300-series pump has answered those calls. Planned for release at the 2010 SEMA show in November, the new DW pump was designed and tested to meet each one of those needs. The DW300-series pump flows in excess of 300 liters per hour at 40 PSI and 13.5 volts. It also maintains its flow rate better than current pumps at higher pressure levels. To ensure long-term compatibility with ethanol-blended fuels, the pump was tested for 4,000 hours in 100% ethanol. This testing is equivalent to over 100,000 miles of driving! To further increase customer confidence, DW is backing the DW300-series pump with a 3-year warranty.