Who needs injector service?

There are several reasons why injector service may be necessary:

Injector Spray AfterInjector Spray Before

Decreased Performance

A decrease in fuel economy in any car is a telltale sign of an injector problem. Likewise, once any car has reached 75,000 miles, fuel economy and performance decrease as well… Injector service is required. Get your injectors cleaned and tested and regain the gas mileage, decreased emissions, smooth operation and performance you used to have.

Dirty Injector BeforeDirty Injector After

The Unknown

Injectors that have been sitting outside of the car for an extended period of time or injectors purchased without a known history can be problematic. Are they clogged? Do they have any electrical problems? Does the set flow evenly? Injector Service will insure cleanliness, test for all issues and provide a valuable flow report.


When new injectors are installed, especially if they are a different size than stock and/or if other engine modifications are made at the same time, the car’s ECU cannot properly regulate the injectors – Tuning is required. DeatschWerks Advanced Injector Testing provides the data necessary to optimize the idle, drivability and power you require from your new injectors.

What DeatschWerks services are available?

We have taken what we know from building precision high flow injectors and applied these same principles to develop the ultimate injector cleaning and testing system for OEM, Aftermarket, Sidefeed and Topfeed fuel injectors. We do not service diesel, piezoelectric, air-assist, or any mechanical fuel injectors (CIS, spyder). Three options are available to suit your needs:

  1. Our Dynamic Service features a full teardown and ultrasonic cleaning followed by a rebuild of all replaceable seals and filters and finishes with our industry-leading dynamic flow testing process. All of your results are laid out in an easy to read report.
  2. Add a Pretest to see before and after results.
  3. A new addition is our Advanced Injector Testing, intended for tuners and calibrators needing injector characterization data to aid in setting up an aftermarket ECU. We offer a linearity test and a battery offset test.

All service and testing is performed on the same precision calibrated equipment that we use on our own injectors and receives the same quality and attention to detail that we put into our own high-flow injectors as well... so you know the results you get are dead on.

Dynamic Injector Service

Pretest ReportDynamic Report
CostNumber of Injectors
  • Looking for better gas mileage, smoother operation, and more crisp acceleration?
  • Installing used injectors and want to be sure they are clean and operating properly?
  • Having an engine problem and suspect the fuel injectors?
  • Tuning your car for more boost and want to yield higher and safer WHP?

Then DeatschWerks' Dynamic Injector Service is for you!

3-step ultrasonic cleaningOptimizes atomization and flow
Replace o-rings, filters, and sealsEnsures leak free operation
Check coilDiscover electrical problems
Leak test 100psiFind leaks at pintle
RPM ramp and Pulse-width ramp testsExclusive DeatschWerks tests
Spray pattern analysisVerify proper atomization
Static flow testCheck balance of flow rates
Dynamic flow testSimulates real driving conditions
ID etchingLinks each injector to results on report
Lubricate and bagPreserves optimum working condition
System calculationsmin/max/avg flow and system balance
Fuel pressure calculationsValuable tool for FMU/AFPR users
Performance calculationsDefines limits of fuel system

Flow-rate Pretest

Cost: $5 per injector

Would you like to see a before and after comparison of your fuel injectors. Then add on our Flow-rate Pretest.

Fuel Rail Service

Cost: $30 per fuel rail

Anyone who has removed side feed injectors from their fuel rail understands the frustration involved. With DeatschWerks' new Fuel Rail Service, we remove the frustration.

DeatschWerks Fuel Rail Service work like this:

  • You send your fuel rail with the side feed injectors still installed
  • We safely remove the injectors so there is no damage
  • We ultrasonically clean the fuel rail
  • We perform the service that you order on the fuel injectors (see injector services under the additional tabs)
  • We lube and reinstall the injectors in the fuel rail
  • We pressure test the rail with the injectors installed
  • We ship the entire assembly back to you ready to install

Fuel Rail service may only be ordered along with one of the injector services described in the other tabs above.

If you want to remove the frustration and risk involved with removing side feed injectors from the fuel rail, then the Fuel Rail Service is for you!

Advanced Injector Testing

Cost: $75 per test (only 1 injector required)

Advanced Testing includes cleaning the injector(s) if necessary and then performing one or both of the tests below. Typically, it is necessary to perform a test on only one injector. Please call us before ordering this service, so we can discuss the specific testing parameters.

Linearity testing: Graphs injector flow during entire range of duty cycles

Battery offset testing: Graphs injector dead-time over a range of pulse widths and air fuel ratios{/tabs}


Ordering injector services through DeatschWerks is quick and easy. Simply choose the injector service you want. Print out and complete the PDF order form. Then package your injectors with the order form and send it to the address on the form. Be sure to package your injectors in plastic to ensure no residual fuel is leaked during shipping. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need help making a decision.


We understand the fuel injectors we are servicing for you may have come from the daily driver you count on for commuting or from the race car you need prepared for next week's event; therefore, we work fast to get you back up and running as quickly as possible. Our fuel injector servicing averages 2-3 business day turn around time. If you are really in a tight spot, we also offer express shipping options to further minimize your down time.

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