DW300m In-Tank Fuel Pump

Product SKU: DW300m
Price with discount: $169.00


  • Flow rate of 340LPH (40psi, 13.5v)
  • Supports 500+ HP on any 2v / 3v
  • Direct Fit, No Wiring or Cutting
  • E85 Compatible
  • 3-Year Warranty

We are increasing our offering to include the industry’s first Ford-specific 340LPH pump.  This revolutionary pump is the ONLY 300+ LPH pump with drop-in fitment for the Ford Mustang GT, the GT500 dual pump module, and the Euro Focus ST MK2.  The new DW300m is easily paired to the existing DW injector offering that supports these applications with 11 different flow rates ranging from 35lb/hr to 200lb/hr.

To achieve Ford-specific fitment ,we engineered this pump to replicate the OE’s unique compact size, end cap geometries, electrical connector, and outlet barb.  The result is a 340LPH pump that precisely installs into Ford modules with no wire splicing, no hacking, and no zip-ties.

The 340 LPH DW300m is offered with a retail price of $169.  As with other DW pumps, the DW300m ships with an application-specific fitment kit, includes a comprehensive 3-yr warranty, and is compatible with e85 fuels.  See below for part numbers and applications…

  • 9-305-1032 – 99-04 Mustang V6 and V8 (exc. SC)
  • 9-305-1034 – 05-10 Mustang V6 and V8 (exc. GT500)
  • 9-305-1035 – 07-10 Mustang GT500 and GT500KR
  • 9-305-1037 – 97-04 Ford F150/F250 V6 and V8 (Gasoline ONLY)


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