DeatschWerks Releases Holden Pumps and Injectors

  • 25 Jun

 DeatschWerks has added Fuel Pumps and Injectors for Holden applications to its expanding arsenal. The new DeatschWerks DW65a and DW65c 265 LPH fuel pumps and injectors ranging from 35lb/hr to 95lb/hr now allow Holden owners to produce the power they want.

The 265 LPH DW65 series fuel pumps are high-quality pumps that promises rock solid performance. The DW65 series is the only 100% drop-in fitment fuel pump for the Holden Commodore VZ, VE, VT, VX and VY 5.7/6.0; this means no modifications required.

More Information about DW's Holden Fuel Pumps can be found at:

Holden DW65a Fuel Pump (Commodore 1997-2006)

Holden DW65c Fuel Pump (Commodore 2007-2013)

DeatschWerks popular 13U, 16U, 17U, and 18U injectors will also fit all Holden LS1, LS2, LS3, LS6, LS7, and LS9 engines. Flow rates from 35lb/hr up to 95lb/hr will ensure that all fueling needs are met. As with all DeatschWerks injectors, these injector sets are flow balanced and matched. They also come with full tuning data and a custom flow report. This data allows for an easier tuning process, resulting in better idle, drivability and power.

Check out our Holden Fuel Injectors below.

Motor Flow Rate Part Number
LS1/LS6 35lb/hr 18U-01-0035-8
LS1/LS6 39lb/hr 18U-01-0039-8
LS1/LS6 42lb/hr 18U-01-0042-8
LS1/LS6 50lb/hr 18U-01-0050-8
LS1/LS6 60lb/hr 18U-01-0060-8
LS1/LS6 78lb/hr 18U-01-0078-8
LS1/LS6 88lb/hr 18U-01-0088-8
LS1/LS6 95lb/hr 17U-05-0095-8
LS2 42lb/hr 13U-00-0042-8
LS2 50lb/hr 17U-00-0050-8
LS2 60lb/hr 17U-00-0060-8
LS2 72lb/hr 17U-00-0072-8
LS2 95lb/hr 17U-00-0095-8
LS3/LS7 42lb/hr 16U-00-0042-8
LS3/LS7/LS9 50lb/hr 16U-00-0050-8
LS3/LS7/LS9 65lb/hr 16U-00-0065-8
LS3/LS7/LS9 90lb/hr 16U-00-0090-8


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