NMRA Bradenton Florida 2015

  • 30 Mar

5 DeatschWerks Drivers, 4 WINNERS!

March 5th-8th we traveled out to Bradenton, Florida for the 1st NMRA race of the season. With the forecast in the mid 70s and sunny, it was perfect weather for a great race weekend.

Friday the track was open for practice and test-n-tune. Lines of trailers were waiting at the gates prepared to get set up and get unloaded. Walking up and down the isles of trailers we came upon our Title Sponsored 2006 Saleen Mustang, driven by Dyno Joe Cram, runner up in the 2014 Coyote Modified Class and Jim Swarr Award Winner. Once again Joe is competting in the Coyote Modified with his DeatschWerks Powered 5.0 Mustang. Joe's motor gets boost from a very large ProCharger and fueled by eight DeatschWerks 1200cc Dv2 Injectors. After unloading his car Joe got tech'd in for competition. Joe made multiple passes that day getting his new engine from Holbrook Racing Engine fine tuned.

Friday was also a great day to meet all the drivers in the series that run DeatschWerks products. We       ventured up and down trailers looking for DW Contingency Decals. Evenually we reached the trailer of 2014 Winner of the Factory Stock Class, Matt Amrine. He was making final preperations of his vehicle in the pits. Matt runs 35lb DW injectors. After speaking with Matt we also found Gary "Hollywood" Parker with his beautiful Cobra Mustang, with a coyote motor, competeting in the Factory Stock Class. 

Saturday started early with a small session of final test-n-tune then qualifing started. Qualifing passes started at noon and ran to around 5. The highlight of all the DeatschWerks drivers was John Mummary's .01 RT, securing his 1st place quailifier spot in the Super Stang class. John runs DeatschWerks 78 lb injectors.

Saturday was filled with great qualifing runs. Johny Lightning made some great passing qualifing high up in the Coyote Modified class and in Truck/Lighting. Johnny runs DeatschWerks 2200cc injectors in both cars.

Sunday's races started early to give everyone a few more hours to fine tune their engines for the eliminations rounds. Around noon all the drivers started lining up in the lanes to start racing. Eliminations went on for hours til all the classes were down to the final pairings. All the final racers were close, making it hard to take the win. Only the racers with the best reaction and best car were going to win. Below Lists all the classes with winners running DeatschWerks Injectors or pumps.

Factory Stock Winner

Matt Amrine 35lb DeatschWerks Injectors

Coyote Modified Winner

Johnny Lightning 2200cc DeatschWerks Injectors

Truck/Lightning Winner

Johnny Lightning 2200cc DeatschWerks Injectors

Super Stang Winner

John Mummery 35lb DeatschWerks Injectors


Gator Motorsports: 9th Place Overall at Formula SAE Michigan 2014

  • 20 May

                           The University of Florida's Gator Motorsports 2014 Formula SAE team.

The Gators came to DeatschWerks in need of a fueling system that would support their motor's precise specifications. Formula SAE demands a lot out of these young engineers to test out their minds to see if they can overcome all the obstacles that exist when building a racecar from the ground up. On any normal application that we tend to deal with, we have specific fitments. Formula SAE is a little different since they build their intake manifolds around the injectors. It makes our job way easier. We took all the info that they had and found an injector that worked great for their motor. With the combination of a well matched set of injectors and a great team of engineers they were able to pull off 9th place overall out of 120 teams at Formula Michigan. Good Job Gators!

DeatschWerks prides our selves in the diversity of our products. From 1300 horsepower drag racers to Formula SAE.
DeatchWerks has products for any application!

Any Collegiate Formula SAE teams interested in DeatschWerks Fuel Injectors/Pumps Sponsorships. Follow the link below and check out what we have to offer for Formula SAE Teams.


Formula Drift Round 1 Long Beach

  • 08 Apr

Round 1 Formula Drift Long Beach was a hard showing for some top drivers early with Dai Yoshihara getting knocked out in top 32 and Vaughn Gittin Jr. being defeated in the round of 16.

DeatschWerks sponsored driver Kenny Moen took 2nd place in Round 1. He persevered through the competition all the way to the final round. Finally getting defeated by Drift Garage Star Chris Forsberg.

Kenny's 2JZ powered 240sx runs FOUR DW300 fuel pumps and Deatschwerks 1300cc injectors.



Ryan Tuerck's DeatschWerks powered FRS started the season off rough. During the media day for the event Ryan's FRS was ran into by another driver due to mechanical failure of a power steering pump. They limped the car to the shop and quickly repaired the rear end with new body panels. Luckily it was ready to go by Friday's qualifing session. Ryan qualified 11th and was paired up against Alec Hohnadel in the top 32. He beat out Hohnadell to move up to the top 16. In the next round Ryan was out styled by "The King of Long Beach" Justin Pawlak, winner of three Formula Drift Long Beach events. Look out for Ryan in the next event in Atlanta.

Ryan runs DeatschWerks 1000cc injectors in his 2JZ powered FRS.


Formula D Texas

  • 30 Oct

Patrick Mordaunt was just in Texas at the Formula D Texas Motor Speedway event were he put down a killer performance to finish in fourth while also beating Formula D favorite Vaughn Gittin Jr along the way.

A'PEXi Racing's Lexus SC430 uses DeatschWerks' 1000cc fuel injectors along with a specially-engineered DeatschWerks fuel pump which, when coupled with the other upgrades and modications, pushes out more than 800hp.



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