Double Unicorn Stagea V8 Build

  • 24 Feb

Benny aka Mechanical Stig has been a proponent of DeatschWerks products for years after meeting the guys one year at SEMA. When he brought up the idea of a VH V8 Stagea build, we jumped at the opportunity to support the build. After working out size and power goals we agreed on a set of 950cc Side feed injectors we sell for Nissan 240sx with a SR20det but in a set of eight instead of a set of 4. More information on the injectors here. These injectors were supplied with a harness pigtail to make them a direct fitment for the VH engine series.


King Kong's DeatschWerks Powered Porsche 997

  • 01 Apr

Kong's Porsche is Definitely a rare one, not because its a special model, but more because of its heart, the engine. It started out as a normal 2007 997 Porsche 911 Turbo. But with some help from BBI Motorsports in California, they were able to turn a mildly tame car into a tire shredding, apex hugging, daily driven, horsepower monster! With a BBI B8 power package they were able to make 1002 WHP on e85.

A key feature on the 997 is its fuel system. Kong uses our NEW DV2 1500cc injectors and 2 prototype DW400 in tank fuel pumps, that we announced at SEMA this last year. On e85 Kong was running out of fuel and needed more injector and pump. The Dv2 injectors gave him more than enough room to run a safe duty cycle and to achieve his desired horsepower goal on ethanol.


Kong's 2007 Porsche 997 Turbo

NEW Evo X Product Line

  • 18 Feb

We released the first Evo X specific fuel injector in 2008 and have supported the platform with a growing number of fuel system products ever since. Today, we are announcing significant changes to their Evo X line of products. These changes bring our latest injector technologies to the Evo X line up to help customers achieve easier tuning, better drivability, and higher horse power.

Headlining this change is the new DV2 1100cc injector, which was developed exclusively for the Evo X application. This new Bosch EV14 features all of our DV2 technologies plus adds an extended nozzle (xT) as used in the OE injector. The xT nozzle brings the fuel discharge to the exact same position as in the OE injector. In-car testing has shown an increased stability in both idle RPM and AFR. The same injector is also being released in an 850cc flow rate.The new xT nozzle injector is also available in an 850cc flow rate.

The full details of the Evo X line-up change are listed below…

  • 2 NEW Bosch EV14 extended nozzle (xT) injectors (17mx-10-850-4, and 17mx-10-1100-4)
  • Discontinuation of the Denso-based injectors (21s-03-1000-4, and 21s-03-1300-4)
  • Complete Line 850,1100,1500, and 2200cc
  • New injector data formatted and optimized specifically for the Evo X ecu.


EVO X Injector Calibration Data

Buy Evo X injectors

Buy Evo X Fuel Pump


SEMA 2014

  • 03 Dec

SEMA was a success in 2014 and we met a lot of great people, opening alot of new opportunities for DeatschWerks!

Also, we had quite a few new fueling products announced at SEMA this year.  From the highest flowing in-tank pump in the market to fuel accessories like Surge Tanks and fuel filters, DeatschWerks is becoming a one stop shop for your fueling needs.

Fuel Pumps


  • Flows 250 LPH
  • Proven Roller-Vane Technology
  • -6 AN ORB in and out
  • Supports 500 HP
  • Fits New DW 2.5L Modular Surge Tank


  • Flows 400+ LPH
  • Highest Flowing In-Tank Pump on the Market
  • E85 Compatible
  • Developed by Bosch, Available Through DeatschWerks


  • Flows 340 LPH
  • 100% Direct Fitment for 99-10 Mustang GT 4.6L
  • High Flow Compact Body
  • Quiet and Reliable Turbine


  • Flows 340 LPH
  • New Version of the Popular DW65c
  • High Flow in a compact Body
  • Subaru, Honda, Nissan, Mazda and Toyota
  • Quiet and Reliable Turbine


  • Flows 165 LPH
  • Great for OE Replacement
  • Drop-In Fitment Kits
  • Quiet and Reliable Turbine

     DW65v AWD

  • Flows 265 LPH
  • Direct Fitment for VW/Audi 1.8t
  • Both AWD/ FWD Versions Available
  • No Low Fuel Level Starvation issues


Surge Tanks

     3.5l and 2.5l Modular Surge Tanks

  • 3.5L Holds one or Two DW350iL In-line Pumps
  • 2.5L Holds one or Two DW250iL in-line Pumps
  • Block of Plates for external pump mounting
  • Hard Anodized inside and out of E85 Compatibility


Fuel Injectors

     DV2 1500cc Injectors

  • High impedance, 8.5 ohm for faster response
  • Compatible with all fuel types, including MTBE
  •  Develop through Bosch, available through DeatschWerks
  • Full characterization and calibration data

     DV2 1200cc Injectors

  • High impedance and compatible with all fuels
  • PnP fitments available for most all applications
  • Full characterization and calibration data

    Low-Z 1700cc EVO 8/9 injectors

  • New highest flowing low impedance       
  • PnP fitment for EVO (up to EVO 9) or for universal use

    EVO X Injector Line

  • New complete injector line for EVO X·        
  • Extended nozzle, same as OE for 800cc and 1100cc


Fuel Accessories

     In-Line Fuel Filters

  • Washable and Reusable Stainless Steel
  • Available in 100 Micron (pre) and 10 micron (post)
  • Hard Anodized Housings
  • -6 AN ORB Fittings


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